Massive Success, Great fun, 24 Hour Buskathon

Posted on: August 13th, 2014

Our 24 hour buskathon on the 8th and 9th of August
in aid Diabetes is over and was a big success.
The aim was to run an open mic event with non- stop music for 24 hours
solid. Thanks to Sam for his great efforts helping us organise this.

Some top Raffle prizes were kindly donated by many local businesses,
Guitar Guitar, Rotosound Guitar Strings, Naked Nunn Beauticians,
Alnwick Castle and Gardens, Namco Bowling at The Metrocentre, Durham
Cricket and Kirkley Hall zoo.
Tescos also helped by providing musicians with fruit and bottled water
to keep up their energy.

Well over 100 people turned up for the event and 21 separate players
turned up to play. Each player performed anything from one song to six
on average.
As it was a 24 hour event there were many very late and very early
hours to get through with Sam and Derek being
joined from late night until early morning by Maurice Sutherst from
North Shields. He helped during the tough time when each did one hour
solo spots for some of the crowd who stuck around until 6am.
There was then a two hour spell of playing to nobody before more people
came in around 8am and lifted the room once again.
Members of staff at the Dinnington Social Club stayed with us
throughout and many coffees were offered for free and all taken to
anyone taking part on or off stage.

Derek said “The Acoustic Magic team are a great team and work
well together for everyone, we make it all fun. The night ran smoothly
and new missions will be shared soon. It takes a lot of time and nights
away from work to make these events run smoothly. To raise this much
money for people we may never know makes it all worth while. People
mean everything to people and this shows it. We are all important and
we all need help sometimes so we help when we can.”

The total raised for this mission was £819.

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